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A simple node js wrapper for the Heroes Profile API

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A NodeJS Discord library

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A simple node js wrapper for the Heroes Lounge API

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The Serenity Operating System 🐞

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A Discord bot for managing voice channels

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Add last 3 seasons filter to player page

Just wanna beat the drum again here. It would be amazing to get the "Last three seasons" filter for PLAYER stats too.

This was only added for the team page statistics, so add it to the player profile page statistics as well

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Matchmaking: schedule_date and tbp deadlines are too early

These timestamps are the UTC values, however they appear to be converted and saved as CE(S)T. This means that they're either set at 22:55 or 23:55 of which the former can often be too early a deadline for teams playing late in the evening on the Sunday.

Update this to be consistent throughout the entire year (or just shift it back an hour).

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Reduce number of map bans to 2 and add map pool

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