Tyler Brayzure Phoenix, AZ Node.js developer, busy with work

Dragory/Knub 22

TypeScript framework for creating Discord bots

Brayzure/utilibot 10

A moderation bot for your Discord server.

AliceDev/discord-emote-count 4

A Discord bot that tracks the usage of emotes within a Discord server.

Brayzure/aoc2018 1

My submissions for Advent of Code 2018

Brayzure/astra 0

A customizable node.js library for the Discord API

Brayzure/destiny-raid-guide 0

Code powering my Destiny raid guide project.

Brayzure/DriveSize 0

A tiny tool that determines the used space that it is permitted to access.

Brayzure/eris 0

A NodeJS Discord library

Brayzure/euler-project 0

My solutions to problems from the Euler Project