Gwee GweeKwee Nekotina Holi♡, actualmente soy creadora profesional de bugs para la bot Nekotina ฅ(^•ܫ•^)ฅ.

GweeKwee/Nekotina 3

La neko favorita de Discord

GweeKwee/anti-fish-lists 0

False-Positive reporting repository for

GweeKwee/async-await-queue 0

async/await-compatible Promise-based priority queues

GweeKwee/Harusame 0

A Node.js wrapper around websocket api.

GweeKwee/http-proxy 0

Ratelimited Discord HTTP API proxy.

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Jens Reidel

commit sha 4f3dbf9d12558b524e74beb1bea93d72b79eed62

ci: Rework Docker image workflows (#68) - Build images in parallel and create manifests on completion - Run Docker image builds on pull requests - Update action versions - Drop Docker Hub support because of free organization removal - Remove API version tags because we only support the latest version - Use podman for builds because Docker doesn't support specifying architecture to tag as when building Signed-off-by: Jens Reidel <>

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Jens Reidel

commit sha 182dc1756924e844a3d47d573deda215a3e3817e

refactor(ratelimiter_cache): Make expiring LRU generic (#65) Refactors the current ratelimiter cache implementation into a generic expiring LRU module independent of the types used with it and the current ratelimiter map as a wrapper over it with a fast path for the default token, while keeping backwards compatibility. This makes the code more readable and allows making changes to the expiring LRU with minimal changes to the ratelimiter map wrapper in the future.

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Jens Reidel

commit sha c89a5eb25c36bba56dcbc9ac89bf0162395293aa

ci: Update actions (#70) Fixes all CI deprecation warnings. Signed-off-by: Jens Reidel <>

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Jens Reidel

commit sha 1ffbc3fe2943adb54dd6b396991528b55027471b

refactor: Use DelayQueue for ratelimiter decay (#62) Replace the current, naive decay implementation with a tokio-util DelayQueue which has the benefits of accurate expirations and more granular locking. Signed-off-by: Jens Reidel <>

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