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This repository is obsolete. cmus source code repository is now hosted on Gitorious: To get the latest and greatest, simply run git clone git://

JasonWoof/square 4

zooming collaborative art

JasonWoof/groundcrew-viewer 2

a javascript front-end to

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Generate stats on frequent/recent typos in plover

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Automatically downloads and plays open content music and adjusts to your taste.

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Generate a steno dictionary from free data and code

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2299 : THE GAME - Adventure Game set in the 2299 Universe

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Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.

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dbus module for node

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environment.shellAliases: document default
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After upgrading to NixOS my ~/bin/l no longer worked, so I went digging around for where the shell alias l came from.

Seems like it comes from environment.shellAliases. It would have been easier to tell if it was documented as the default for this option. I hope that this patch is the best way to add that documentation, so it shows up at:

I don't know how to build this. I'm hoping it's possible for people like me who are newer to nixos to submit documentation updates without figuring out how to build stuff.

That said, if you tell me exactly how to build/test this, I'll probably do that.

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environment.shellAliases: document default

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