SwiftyWang/android-drag-square 266

edit personal information which enables users to drag and rank image order

SwiftyWang/AnimatePlayButton 37

play button animate to pause and stop button

SwiftyWang/AppNetworkDataReader 3

a network data reader lib can fully support all version of android.

SwiftyWang/FFmpeg-3.2.4 3

FFmpeg-3.2.4 for Android Compile with NDK r14b

SwiftyWang/Atlas-Android 1

Library of native Android chat and messaging UI components, built to work with Layer

SwiftyWang/DylanStepCount 1


SwiftyWang/a-sheep-assistant 0

羊了个羊助手,羊了个羊一键闯关,本项目仅用于学习研究使用,请勿将本项目的任何内容用于商业或非法目的,否则后果自负。更多好玩黑科技关注作者公众号: 《码上有效率》,口令羊了个羊

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