Akio TheAkio NW, Germany Telling computers how to do shit professionally |

TheAkio/ytls 8

YouTube Livestreams with NodeJS made easy

TheAkio/listenmoe.js 7

NodeJS wrapper for the WebSocket

TheAkio/botpost 3


weeb-services/weeb-services 1

JavaScript API wrapper

TheAkio/AL-chan 0

Unofficial Android client for AniList, a place where you can track Anime and Manga.

TheAkio/eris 0

A NodeJS Discord library

TheAkio/erlpack 0

High Performance Erlang Term Format Packer

TheAkio/twitch 0

Interact with Twitch's API, chat, PubSub and subscribe to WebHooks.

TheAkio/zlib-sync 0

Synchronous zlib for NodeJS