ErnadoO/qte 5

Quick Title Edition

Zoddo/AntiNoisyBot 4

An IRC bot to prevent noisy (quit/join flood due to unstable connection, etc.) — #AntiNoisyBot on Freenode

Zoddo/discord-suggestions 2

A discord bot to manage a suggestion channel

Zoddo/composer-phpbb-extension-installer 1

A composer plugin, to install phpbb-extension composer packages in ext directory instead of the default composer installation path which is in the vendor folder

Zoddo/discordbans-id 1

A node.js package to check users on Discord Bans.

Zoddo/gitlab-webhook 1

A GitLab webhook

BlobChairs/Jaken 0

The bot that runs Blob Chairs 2.0

Vexera/locales 0

Translations for Vexera

Vexera/log 0

Graylog Library

Vexera/SnowTransfer 0

Minimalistic rest client for the discord api

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"Electronic form" <=> "Formuel"

Cette super traduction digne de bitoduc vous est proposé par la DGFiP

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"Electronic form" <=> "Formuel" Cette super traduction digne de bitoduc vous est proposé par la DGFiP

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A website about french words for computer concepts.

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How to set units?

Hi, I have the exact same issue. phlegx is talking about the units for the CPU and MEM column (like Mi for MEM).

They are displayed in the example screenshot, but I'm unable to find how to display them on my install.


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Update index to add new languages

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