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Predictable, hi-res emojis as a service

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Simple habit tracking with React

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:spiral_calendar: Actually plan your days by managing your events and todos on the same calendar.

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iOS Application for Brook Alius' 2015 BFA Final Show

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Calendar + tasks

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Examples of code splitting with Parcel

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A small, fast, JavaScript-based JavaScript parser

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Locale-aware number condensing

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issue openedvercel/next.js

Environment variable behavior changed on 13.4.13-canary

Verify canary release

  • [X] I verified that the issue exists in the latest Next.js canary release

Provide environment information

Operating System:
      Platform: darwin
      Arch: arm64
      Version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.5.0: Thu Jun  8 22:22:20 PDT 2023; root:xnu-8796.121.3~7/RELEASE_ARM64_T6000
      Node: 16.18.0
      npm: 8.19.2
      Yarn: 1.22.19
      pnpm: N/A
    Relevant Packages:
      next: 13.4.13-canary.14
      eslint-config-next: 13.4.12
      react: 18.2.0
      react-dom: 18.2.0
      typescript: 5.1.6
    Next.js Config:
      output: standalone

Which area(s) of Next.js are affected? (leave empty if unsure)

Standalone mode (output: "standalone")

Link to the code that reproduces this issue or a replay of the bug

To Reproduce

Create a standalone app and try to access an environment variable set not-at-build-time.

console.log(process.env.TEST) will evaluate to undefined for both of the following commands:

node .next/standalone/server.js
TEST=present node .next/standalone/server.js

I would expect the first to be undefined and the second to be present

Describe the Bug

Environment variables are not accessible when set after build-time.

Expected Behavior

Environment variables should be accessible and able to be overridden at runtime.

Which browser are you using? (if relevant)


How are you deploying your application? (if relevant)

Standalone w/ Docker on Google Cloud Run

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create barnchasmockler/next-bug-runtime-env-vars

branch : main

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created repositoryasmockler/next-bug-runtime-env-vars

Reproduction for runtime env vars bug on standalone next@canary

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create barnchasmockler/runtime-env-vars-bug

branch : main

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created repositoryasmockler/runtime-env-vars-bug

Reproduction of runtime environment variable bug on next@13.4.13-canary

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issue commentvercel/next.js

route.ts files being executed during build

I am also having this issue.

In my case, it is making it difficult to initialize some packages (like twilio) because not all of my environment variables are available during the build step. So, these packages throw errors, even though the desired result is just that the code compiles to be run where those environment variables exist.


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