bluss/arrayvec 587

A vector with a fixed capacity. (Rust)

bluss/bencher 80

bencher is just a port of the libtest (unstable) benchmark runner to Rust stable releases. `cargo bench` on stable. "Not a better bencher!" = No feature development. Go build a better stable benchmarking library.

bluss/defmac 15

A macro to define lambda-like macros inline.

bluss/debugit 10

DebugIt: Use specialization so you can debug-print a value without explicit (and viral) Debug trait bound. (Not really maintained. Uses specialization so it may break)

bluss/dlx 4

Dancing Links (“dlx”) solver for the exact cover problem, written in Rust. Can be used to create a sudoku solver.

bluss/asprim 2

Rust library with a trait for the `as` operator for primitive numeric types.

bluss/blake2-ppc-altivec 2

BLAKE2s hash function PowerPC/Altivec implementation by Ulrik Sverdrup

bluss/blis-sys 2

[Feel free to adopt/fork this repo!] Experimental Rust bindings for BLIS

bluss/complexfloat 2

Extended traits for Rust Float and Complex types. Requires Rust 1.8.

bluss/aeon 1

Aeon is a gradually typed, interpreted programming language that combines the flexibility of a dynamic language with the safety of a static language.

pull request commentmwouts/jupytext

Release jupyterlab-jupytext==1.3.9

I'm just wondering, pip doesn't see this requirement on jupyterlab (<4) and the two packages are still installable together, not sure if there is something more than can be done.


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Create python-package.yml

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Merge pull request #1 from bluss/ci Setup GH action

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Setup GH action
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issue commentmitsuhiko/rye

Tox Integration

I looked at one aspect of tox integration, tox getting python versions from tox. In Tox 4, it can work something like this: Besides that, I think there is more that could be done. It seems like nox does not use the same mechanism.


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Virtualenv plugin for discovery of Python interpreters through Rye.

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Virtualenv plugin for discovery of Python interpreters through Rye.

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issue commentrust-ndarray/ndarray

len() implementation differs from NumPy len(arr)

It hasn't been a goal to replicate numpy, even if a lot has been shamelessly adapted. The definition of .len() follows what I thought was the logical continuation of Rust conventions.

ndarray also does not lean strongly into the "outermost axis" that numpy.ndarray does, it has a default iterator that is like ndarray's .axis_iter(Axis(0)) I think. ndarray tries a little bit more to let it all axes be equally important.


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Pull request review commentpdm-project/pdm

Fix sorting case sensitivity in list command (#1973)

 def _group_of(name: str) -> set[str]:             keys = parse_comma_separated_string(options.sort)             if not all(key in Listable.KEYS for key in keys):                 raise PdmUsageError(f"--sort key must be one of: {','.join(Listable.KEYS)}")-            records.sort(key=lambda d: tuple(d[key] for key in keys))+            records.sort(key=lambda d: tuple(d[key].lower() for key in keys))

if it was just package name, lower should be fine however since there are other fields, maybe the slightly more unicode correct .casefold() can be used instead for the key, that's its purpose.


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Pull request review commentmitsuhiko/rye

workspace is member: fix relative path

 impl Workspace {      /// Checks if a project is a member of the declared workspace.     pub fn is_member(&self, path: &Path) -> bool {-        let canonicalized = self.root.join(path);-        if let Ok(relative) = path.strip_prefix(canonicalized) {+        if let Ok(relative) = path.strip_prefix(&self.root) {
        let absolutized = self.root.join(path);
        if let Ok(relative) = absolutized.strip_prefix(&self.root) {

It's possible this is how it was intended. I don't off hand know which code paths it would make a difference (do we get relative paths as input from somewhere?)


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PR opened mitsuhiko/rye

workspace is member: fix relative path

It looks like the relative path is always empty. I'm not 100% sure what the intention was here with the canonicalization.

With this fix, limiting members using an explicit list in the workspace should work better. Previously it seemed to include everything in all case.

rye show is the quickest way to see the workspace member list, but it affects rye lock foremost (with bad effects if it includes stray projects.)

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Pull request review commentmitsuhiko/rye

Add --bump for version command

 pub fn execute(cmd: Args) -> Result<(), Error> {             eprintln!("version set to {}", version);         }         None => {-            eprintln!("{}", pyproject_toml.version()?);+            let mut version = pyproject_toml.version()?;+            match cmd.bump {+                Some(bump) => bump_version(&mut version, &bump, &mut pyproject_toml),+                None => eprintln!("{}", version),+            }         }     }     Ok(()) }++fn bump_version(version: &mut Version, bump: &str, pyproject: &mut PyProject) {+    if version.is_post() {+ = None;+    }+    if version.is_dev() {+ = None;+        eprintln!(+            "{} dev version will be bumped to release version",+            style("warning:").red()+        );+    } else {+        match bump {+            "major" => version.release[0] += 1,+            "minor" => version.release[1] += 1,+            "patch" => version.release[2] += 1,+            _ => return,

It would be good to give an error here on invalid input. Right now i think you could use an enum and then clap would handle it.


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fork bluss/tox-pyenv

plugin that tells tox to use `pyenv which` to find python executables

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PR opened mitsuhiko/rye

sync, lock: --pyproject argument

Add the --pyproject argument for rye sync and rye lock.

Sync, lock will only work if the file is literally called pyproject.toml in the filename, because that's what pip-tools expect. Further meditation over this maybe makes any other name than pyproject.toml unnatural, most tools are quite insistent that this is the only valid name (?). If rye would have the same opinion, then we could consider changing all these arguments to --project <directory> instead.

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issue closedmitsuhiko/rye

rye sync only works from the root

Steps to Reproduce

  1. rye init nested
  2. cd nested
  3. mkdir test
  4. cd test
  5. rye sync

Expected Result

rye sync could emit user friendly error or work when running in a nested directory

Actual Result

pip._internal.exceptions.InstallationError: file:///. (from -r /tmp/.tmpBCmQ3R (line 1)) does not appear to be a Python project: neither '' nor 'pyproject.toml' found.
Error: could not write production lockfile for project

Caused by:
    failed to generate lockfile

Version Info

rye 0.5.0 commit: 0.5.0 (5f96294de 2023-05-31) platform: linux (x86_64) self-python: cpython@3.10 symlink support: true


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issue commentmitsuhiko/rye

rye sync only works from the root

Thanks! Fixed by #292


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Python Jupyter kernel using Rye for reproducible notebooks

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