Oded Shapira dondish Israel I occasionally make stuff

dondish/BongoBots 5

A proof of concept bot list, made in Angular

dondish/go-cluster 5

P2P clustering in Go

dondish/Kiwi-Lang 5

General Purpose Scripting Language

DiscordBoats/Boats4J 4

The official API wrapper for Java

dondish/lionplayer 4

An audio player for Discord completely written in Go

deprilula28/discord-proxy-kt 3

Proxied Discord API using Spectacles Gateway for scalability and decoupling. Mimics JDA's API, written and supportive of Kotlin.

dondish/AsyncEventWaiterJDA 3

An asynchronous event waiter for JDA using Scala.

dondish/donhash 3

A performant hashmap implementation for JavaScript

dondish/DonScript 2

A statement based programming language for command executing. this is the official interpreter in Scala.

dondish/DPlayer.NET 2

This is a Discord Player Library that will support YouTube and other providers. Designed to work with any Discord Api Library that can send audio streams.


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started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months