Evan Lucas evanlucas Austin, TX @nodejs TSC Emeritus

evanlucas/apex7000 4

package for interfacing with the Apex 7000 bill acceptor

evanlucas/assert6 2

Node assert with support for Maps and Sets

evanlucas/argsplit-swift 1

Swift port of

evanlucas/async-cache-dedupe 1

Async cache with dedupe support

esatterwhite/eslint-plugin-sensible 0

Better comma first indent rules for eslint

evanlucas/a2switch 0

CLI tool for quickly switching between Apache configurations

evanlucas/ampersand-calendar 0

Creates an SVG calendar using D3.

evanlucas/ampersand-chart 0

Bar charts for AmpersandJS using D3.

evanlucas/ampersand-filter-tracker 0

Creates both a GUI and a filter from multiple models.

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