fatfisz fatfisz Warsaw, Poland Mostly front-end stuff

fatfisz/babel-plugin-jsx-svg-inject 4

Add SVG file imports for React components

fatfisz/commonmark-react-object-renderer 2

Renderer for CommonMark which returns a React description object

fatfisz/eslint-config-fatfisz 2

ESLint config for FatFisz coding standard

fatfisz/ace 0

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

fatfisz/aprun 0

A js13kGames 2015 entry

fatfisz/babel 0

:tropical_fish: Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

fatfisz/babel-eslint 0

ESLint using Babel as the parser.

fatfisz/babel-plugin-macros 0

🎣 Enables zero-config, importable babel plugins

fatfisz/babel-plugin-module-resolver 0

Custom module resolver plugin for Babel


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issue commentziglang/zig

cannot resolve inferred error set

On one hand expectEqualDeep's docs state:

/// Note: Self-referential structs are not supported (e.g. things like std.SinglyLinkedList)

but on the other hand explicitly adding error{TestExpectedEqual} to expectEqualDeep's signature fixed the issue for my case and the one from the original comment. Maybe it's possible to support self-referential structs this way or am I missing something?


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