Daniel Gasienica gasi CollegeVine / iET Zürich, Switzerland Polyglot developer passionate about purely functional programming.

fgnass/node-dev 2220

Zero-conf Node.js reloading

gasi/docker-node-hello 47

DEPRECATED: Node.js Hello World app running on CentOS using docker. See:

gasi/as3flickrlib 5

ActionScript 3.0 API for Flickr

gasi/deepzoom.hs 5

Haskell Deep Zoom Tools

collegevine/seadragon 3

The Seadragon 2 JavaScript library for rendering high-resolution images, creating zoomable user interfaces (ZUIs), and Pivot

collegevine/purescript-elmish-html 2

Render HTML elements using Elmish

gasi/blog 1

RTFM / Daniel Gasienica

gasi/blog-examples 1

RTFM / Daniel Gasienica Examples

gasi/bonga 1

Automatically exported from

gasi/connect 1

Connect is a middleware layer for Node.js


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