deanh/canvas-playground 9

A simple CoffeeScript playground for the Canvas API.

ggoodale/disabletextads 5

A Greasemonkey script that disables inline text ads from Vibrant Media (IntelliTXT), Kontera, Linkworth, EchoTopic, Targetpoint, Amazon and Mediatext.

ggoodale/acts_as_taggable_on_steroids 3

This plugin is based on acts_as_taggable by DHH but includes extras

ggoodale/attr_private 3

attr_private provides a way of making fields on an ActiveRecord model inaccessible to users of that model.

ggoodale/awesome_nested_set 3

An awesome replacement for acts_as_nested_set and better_nested_set.

ggoodale/juggernaut_gem 3

Realtime Rails

ggoodale/attachment_fu 2

Treat an ActiveRecord model as a file attachment, storing its patch, size, content type, etc.

ggoodale/blather 2

XMPP/Jabber Library and DSL for Ruby written on EventMachine and Nokogiri.

ggoodale/cache_fu 2

Everyone's favorite memcached plugin for ActiveRecord.

ggoodale/ 2

Yay! More homepages on the interwebs!