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One of our uses cases for dozzle is to look at logs to understand why a container may be unhealthy. Docker has a healthcheck feature that is exposed in docker ps that can point developers to what continer's logs may be interesting to investigate, but this requires using both the docker CLI and dozzle. It would be great if dozzle was able to surface this information to avoid needing to use the docker CLI.

Potential solutions

  • Display a red icon in the left sidebar if a container is not healthy (per docker)
  • Display some green/red indicator at the top of the UI to indicate if all containers are healthy / unhealthy

Thanks for all your work on this awesome project ❤️ !


Answer questions ericrafalovsky

Hmm that's an interesting finding! I'm unfamiliar with how docker ps works under the hood but perhaps utilizing the filter functionality of docker ps (ie docker ps --filter health=unhealthy) is a way to grab the relevant minimal information quickly


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