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caleb531/imessage-conversation-analyzer 18

Gathers metrics of your choice for the entire history of a macOS Messages conversation

caleb531/calc 2

A JavaScript library that does the math so you don't have to

jacksonrayhamilton/custom-promise 2

Small, useful, secure and customizable A+ promises

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Advanced AMD builds for Brunch

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Live online CoffeeScript to JavaScript compiler / REPL.

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This is a repo(sitory) for the presentation

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Scrollspy, animated scrollTo and scroll events for angular.js

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Emacs auto-complete package

issue commentmooz/js2-mode

Update to explain the differences (incl. benefits and caveats) of `js2-mode` versus other packages

Nowadays I am working with TypeScript+React and for that I use typescript-mode for .ts files and web-mode for .tsx files. Prettier runs whenever I save a file and cleans up subtle formatting errors that either mode might produce. It doesn’t feel ideal, but it gets the job done.

Back when I had more free time to code, I added JSX highlighting and indentation support to js-mode, which I designed to be performant and accurate. I happily use js-mode for .js and .jsx files.

js2-mode was originally built to provide better indentation for JS, as well as to provide an AST in Emacs Lisp, to give Emacs an edge as a JS IDE. That indentation code was later moved upstream to js-mode. Because of the way it is currently implemented, js2-mode cannot yet use the JSX highlighting/indentation features from js-mode, so I don’t feel js2-mode is great for React development. Also, I feel the AST is less important these days because IDE features ended up being delegated to external programs. We have TypeScript+Tide for checks/docs/completions, Flycheck+ESLint for linting, Prettier for code formatting, and AI tools for refactoring. I feel js2-mode is obsolete.

I was a js2-mode user back when I was using it for Context Coloring, but since my career oriented towards maintaining React applications, JSX support became more important to me than coloring.


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issue commentjacksonrayhamilton/nand2tetris-jack-resources

how to create a function to find length of a string in Jack

Not sure why you opened this issue.

Were you looking for help with Jack programming? My GitHub repo isn’t the place to ask for it. You’d want to ask at the forums here:


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