Martyn Smith martynsmith Wellington, New Zealand

martynsmith/node-irc 1333

NodeJS IRC client library

martynsmith/lg4l 15

Logitech for Linux

martynsmith/HTTP-CDN 6

Provide easy far-future expire filenames

martynsmith/dominion 3

Implementation of Dominion card game

martynsmith/Catalyst-Plugin-Log-Log4perlSimple 1

Simple Log4perl plugin for Catalyst

martynsmith/HTML-Grabber 1

jQuery style DOM traversal/manipulation Perl module

martynsmith/jquery-mobile 1

jQuery Mobile Framework

martynsmith/lxc-simple 1

Wrapper around lxc utilities to make managing containers easier

martynsmith/node-collectd 1

NodeJS module for receiving data from collectd

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[python] `import $X` does not match relative imports

What would work really well for me would be to put something that can rewrite the file content inline with semgrep. I'd happily provide something that can rewrite relative to absolute imports on-the-fly so that we can keep the relative imports in the codebase, but semgrep would only ever "see" absolute ones.


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