Phil Hansch phansch @esanum Berlin Rust @rust-lang (Clippy) & Ruby @esanum

esanum/excel_column_diff 3

Quickly get a diff of columns in two excel documents

esanum/flutter-trial 3

Just evaluating flutter

beatontherat/HIT 1

to be added

phansch/aoc 1

Solutions for Advent of Code

esanum/ajax-datatables-rails 0

A wrapper around DataTable's ajax methods that allow synchronization with server-side pagination in a Rails app

esanum/base64image 0

Base64Image Plugin for CKEditor 4 - Adds images from local client as base64 string into the source without server side processing. You can also add external image urls into the source.

esanum/docker-alpine-pgloader 0

Builds pgloader on alpine

esanum/docker-elk 0

The ELK stack powered by Docker and Compose.

esanum/docker-ruby-mysql 0

Basic Docker container for running our Rails apps

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Philipp Hansch

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Fix fzf fuzzy find on up arrow For some reason these two lines made it stop working on Mac?

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