rchipka/node-osmosis 4068

Web scraper for NodeJS

libxmljs/libxmljs 1011

libxml bindings for v8 javascript engine

elad/node-imagemagick-native 627

ImageMagick's Magick++ bindings for NodeJS

rchipka/advanced-custom-blocks 75

ACF integrations for Gutenberg blocks

libxmljs/libxmljs-dom 13

A simple DOM wrapper for libxmljs

rchipka/node-tensorflow 13

Native TensorFlow bindings for Node.JS

rchipka/node-libxmljs-dom 11

A simple DOM wrapper for libxmljs

rchipka/agglo 3

Fast hierarchical agglomerative clustering in Javascript

rchipka/Arduino-ALDL-160-baud 3

Read 160 baud ALDL signals on Arduino/Teensy/etc.

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[Feature Request] backlight and display inactivity shutoff timer

Perhaps we could configure both the active/inactive brightness levels separately, with main brightness and an inactive brightness setting that can be set to a low value (or off completely)


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issue openedUltimateHackingKeyboard/agent

[Feature Request] backlight and display inactivity shutoff timer

It would be nice to have the LED backlight and seven-segment display shut off after a configurable amount of input inactivity.

This would be especially helpful in instances when the computer is running with the display off, but the UHK lights remain on. In these cases I usually have to resort to unplugging the keyboard.

Ideally sleep/restore would be implemented as a quick fade in/out rather than a harsh on/off of the bright LEDs.

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