swift1719/covid_tracker 3

Provides information of people affected, recovered, and deceased due to CORONA VIRUS.

swift1719/LC_Algorithms 3

Leetcode Algorithms

swift1719/encryptor 2

Provides secure storage of data in the database.

swift1719/MerchantsGuideToGalaxy 2

Solving the Merchant's Guide to the Galaxy programming challenge using .Net and C#.

swift1719/movie-search-app 2

It is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that is built for searching movies and web series. It will provide a description, cast, and trailer of the movie/series.

swift1719/BlogApp 1

Responsive site using semantic UI ; with usage of node ,express and MongoDB for data persistence.

swift1719/BlogApp_MERN 1

Blog App using MERN stack.

swift1719/Email_Integration_with_email.js 1

Provides service to clients(website visitors) to contact the website owner, after which they get auto-reply confirmation email on their email

swift1719/share-note 1

A simple note making app with MERN stack.