swift swiftslee used to work for @kubesphere @qihoo360 ShenZhen, China

swiftslee/apiserver 0

a mvc apiserver based on go-restful

swiftslee/awesome-operators 0

A resource tracking a number of Operators out in the wild.

swiftslee/beats 0

:tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

swiftslee/caj2pdf 0

Convert CAJ (China Academic Journals) files to PDF. 转换中国知网 CAJ 格式文献为 PDF。佛系转换,成功与否,皆是玄学。

swiftslee/charts 0

Curated applications for Kubernetes

swiftslee/client-go 0

Go client for Kubernetes.

swiftslee/cluster-api 0

Home for the Cluster Management API work, a subproject of sig-cluster-lifecycle

swiftslee/code-generator 0

Generators for kube-like API types