apex/up 8717

Deploy infinitely scalable serverless apps, apis, and sites in seconds to AWS.

apex/gh-polls 1762

Polls for user feedback in GitHub issues

JustinTulloss/zeromq.node 1657

Node.js bindings to the zeromq library

c4milo/gsync 379

gSync is an rsync based library for sending delta updates of files to a remote server.

apex/static 292

The static site anti-framework – general-purpose library, purpose-built commands for various domains

koajs/koa-hbs 160

Handlebars templates for Koa.js

apex/gui 132

GitHub readme UI components

littlstar/axis360 121

Axis360 is a panoramic (360 video) rendering engine

apex/apex-ui-slim 74

Apex monochrome Atom theme UI (slim variant)

littlstar/starplate 68

Lightning fast template and view engine built on top of Incremental DOM and Babel (ES6 Templates + Incremental DOM working together)