docker-in-practice/jenkins 26

A jenkins server

docker-in-practice/docker-comcast 17

Run the network connection tweaking tool 'comcast' on docker containers

docker-in-practice/get-versions 13

A docker image that outputs a RUN instruction documenting the specific version dependencies for a package

docker-in-practice/docker-chef-solo-example 11

An example provisioning of a docker image using chef solo

docker-in-practice/docker-compose-sqlite 10

A SQLite server implemented using Docker Compose

docker-in-practice/docker-dev-tools-image 8

My docker dev tools image, usable anywhere where docker is

docker-in-practice/confd-nginx 6

Simple nginx proxy-pass with confd

docker-in-practice/docker-authenticate 6

Sets up basic HTTP authentication on your docker daemon

fork devopsdeepdive/todo

An example Swarm+React project

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fork banderas328/docker-compose-sqlite

A SQLite server implemented using Docker Compose

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started time in 3 months