Elton Stoneman sixeyed London Docker Captain. Microsoft Azure MVP. Pluralsight author. Manning author. Consultant & trainer. Ex-@docker.

dockersamples/example-voting-app 3765

Example distributed app composed of multiple containers for Docker, Compose, Swarm, and Kubernetes

dockersamples/docker-swarm-visualizer 3160

A visualizer for Docker Swarm Mode using the Docker Remote API, Node.JS, and D3

dockersamples/atsea-sample-shop-app 656

A sample app that uses a Java Spring Boot backend connected to a database to display a fictitious art shop with a React front-end.

play-with-docker/ 336

Play with docker class-room repo

dockersamples/wordsmith 227

Sample project with Docker containers running under Kubernetes

docker-captains/dockerbythecaptains 99

Docker by the Captains - a book covering all aspects of Docker, written by the world's leading experts

dockersamples/node-bulletin-board 97

Sample bulletin board app in Node.js and Vue.js

dockersamples/global-2018-hol 60

Hands-On labs for the global 2018 event series

dockersamples/dotnet-album-viewer 57

West Wind Album Viewer ASP.NET Core and Angular Sample